Defence Innovative Research Programme (DIRP)


Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research Development in Defence Science and Technology

1. Objectives
Provide funding for innovative science and technology research in areas relevant to defence and security.

 2. Eligibility
Open to NUS, NTU, SUTD, SMU, SIT, A*STAR and any local research institutes or commercial companies operating from Singapore. Researchers of DSO National Laboratories, Temasek Labs at NUS, NTU and SUTD and ST Engineering are not eligible to apply. Research work under the project shall be carried out in Singapore.

3. MINDEF’s Department Managing DIRP Funding
The funding is managed by Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD), MINDEF.

4. Criteria
Award is based on the innovative merits of the Applicant's research and its potential impact on the defence and security of Singapore.

 5. Terms & Conditions Governing DIRP:

5.1 Funding
The Award may be used to fund research manpower, consumables, equipment, and travel expenses related to the project.

5.2 Duration
The maximum duration for each project is four (4) years, with mutually agreed intermediate milestones for deliverables.

5.3 Project Agreement / Research Contracts
Successful Applicants (called Principal Investigators or PIs) would be required to sign with a Research Contract or a Project Agreement (PA) as applicable with FSTD either through their respective university or organisation. The PIs must initiate the project within three (3) months of signing of the Research Contract or PA. Failing to do so may result in the award being rescinded. For applicants from the universities, all terms and conditions governing the award will be in accordance with the Master Agreement signed between university and MINDEF. Existing university/ organisation policy on recruitment, procurement and project finances are to be adopted accordingly.

5.4 Payment
Payment will be made in accordance to the agreed milestones stipulated in the PA or Research Contract and the amount should commensurate with expenses.

5.5 Reporting
The PIs are expected to submit a progress report (using the DIRP Report template in section 9) at mutually-agreed six-monthly intervals or milestones upon commencement of the project. This report should document the progress made in the last six (6) months or from the previous milestone and should include: achievements, deviations from plans (if any) and plans for the next six (6) months or towards the next milestone. These progress reports are to be submitted to the FSTD Programme Manager (PgM)/Project Manager (PjM) overseeing the project.

5.6 Mid-term review
A mid-term review will be conducted between the PI and FSTD PgM/ PjM to determine the continuation of the project. FSTD will have final decision on any discontinuation of the project.

5.7 Final report
The PIs are required to provide a final report at the end of the project, giving details of the research outcomes, comparisons of these against the initial objectives, as well as details on how the approved funding was utilised. The final reports are to be submitted to the FSTD PgM/ PjM overseeing the project. A softcopy of the final report (in pdf format) is to be provided to FSTD through the respective university’s point of contact.

6. Solicitation
Solicitations for proposals will be announced once every year.

7. Application Procedures

7.1. Idea Discussion
Prior to any proposal submission, Applicants are encouraged to approach and discuss with relevant FSTD PgM/ PjM to affirm their interest in the idea first. The full list of technology research areas of interest to FSTD and the respective PgM/ PjM in charge are available here.

7.2. Preliminary Proposal Submission
Applicants from the universities are required to complete and submit via email, the DIRP preliminary proposal (refer to section 9) to the respective university’s point of contact as listed in Table 1. The university’s point of contact will collate and forward all preliminary proposals to FSTD. Applicants from other local research institutes or commercial companies operating from Singapore are to submit directly their DIRP preliminary proposals to FSTD.

7.3. Full Detailed Proposal submission
For DIRP preliminary proposal that are selected for further evaluation, FSTD will notify the applicants through the university’s points of contact or research institutes or commercial companies, where applicable. The selected applicants are to submit a full DIRP detailed proposal using a full proposal form (refer to section 9).

Applicants from the universities are required to submit via email, the DIRP full proposal to the respective university’s point of contact as listed in Table 1. Applicants from other local research institutes or commercial companies operating from Singapore are to submit their DIRP preliminary proposals directly to FSTD.


Applicants from

Submit to

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Mr Eddie Goh
Assistant Manager
Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology), NUS
Tel: 6601 5550

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Dr Isabelle Zhang
Assistant Manager (Research Grants)
Research Support Office, NTU
Tel: 6514 8358

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Ms Angela Luow
Temasek Laboratories, SUTD
Tel: 6499 4599

All other local research institutes or commercial company operating from Singapore

Mr Jerry Aw
Manager (Collaboration)
Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD), MINDEF
Tel: 6308 1410

Table 1: Point of Contact for Submission of Proposals

8. Selection
All applications will be considered by a DIRP Selection Panel. The Panel’s decision is final and no appeal will be entertained. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

9. Forms
(click on the URL links below). Please do not use previous years’ proposal templates.

Preliminary Proposal

For all applicants responding to 2016 DIRP call for proposal.

Full Proposal

Only for proposals which are shortlisted for 2016 DIRP call.

DIRP Report template

For progress update and final reporting to MINDEF.

Table 2: Forms for DIRP Call 2016



Call Status


Call for proposal opens

30 Aug 2016

Call for proposal closes

30 Sep 2016

Notification by University/FSTD to submit full proposal for
selected applicants

15 Dec 2016

Submission of full proposal by applicants

31 Jan 2017

Applicants informed of outcome

30 Apr 2017

Table 3: Schedule for DIRP Call 2016


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