MINDEF – NTU Joint Applied R&D Cooperation Programme (JPP)

The MINDEF-NTU Joint Applied R&D Cooperation Programme was formally established in the 1980's. This Programme brings together researchers in NTU and defence engineers and scientists in MINDEF/DSTA/DSO to conduct small-scale research projects to enhance the defence capability of our nation.
Terms & Conditions Governing JPP
1. Funding.
The JPP funds may be used to fund research manpower, consumables, equipment, and travel expenses related to the project. The applicant should state the proposed JPP project budget during the application process. Prior to requesting budget for the purchase of equipment and materials, the NTU applicant need to check with the relevant NTU Inventory Lists to ensure that the equipment/materials budgeted are not already available. If the JPP project is approved, the amount will be awarded to the successful applicant (henceforth referred to as Principal Investigator, or PI) as a one-line budget item. Any funds that remain unspent at the end of the JPP project must be returned to JPP Joint Fund maintained by NTU.
The list of non-fundable items includes:
Type of Expenses Description
Principal Investigator's and any
co-Principal Investigators' EOM
EOM includes salaries, CPF and fringe benefits including medical, dental, contribution to welfare fund, bonuses, incentive payments etc.
Training Funding for training of research personnel e.g. soft skill or competency training.
General furniture/ office equipment Examples are fax machines, photocopier machines, etc.
Non-EOM related insurance premiums Examples are equipment, workmen compensation, professional indemnity of researchers.
Cost of capital works / general infrastructure This refers to general building and renovation costs not necessary for the purpose of carrying out the research.
2. Existing NTU policy on recruitment, procurement and project finances are to be adopted accordingly.
3. Duration.
The maximum duration for each JPP project is 18 months. Project duration extension may be allowed for not more than 6 months. The PI must submit request for extension, through NTU Research Support Office (RSO), not later than 3 months from the original JPP project's end date as stated in the Project Proposal Form.
4. Reporting.
Upon project completion, the PI is expected to submit a Final Project Report using the JPP report format. The PI will submit the Final Project Report to NTU (RSO) who in turn will forward it to DRTech MINDEF. The Report should provide details of the research outcomes, comparisons of these against the initial objectives, as well as details on how the approved funding was utilised.
5. Changes.
The PI is expected to personally complete the JPP project. In the event of any modification, extension, or termination of the JPP project, the PI will submit the request through NTU (RSO) to seek approval from both MINDEF and NTU Approving Authorities. The PI must state clearly the reason(s) for the change by completing Section C of the approved copy of the Project Proposal Form. If there is a change in the PI, the PI's immediate supervisor shall submit the change request with proper justification to both MINDEF and NTU Approving Authorities.
6. Publications.
Prior clearance from MINDEF is required before publications and materials relating to research undertaken for MINDEF are released. The request for clearance should be submitted to the relevant Program/Project Manager in DRTech, 7 days in advance of the submission of proposed publication to a journal, editor, or other third party.
Solicitations for JPP proposals will be announced twice yearly (typically in Jan/Feb or Jul/Aug)
Application Procedure
1. Idea Discussion.
Prior to any proposal submission, applicants are encouraged to approach relevant technical DRTech Point of Contact (POC) to affirm the POC's interest in the ideas and discuss the proposals with the POC. The list of DRTech POC and their technology research areas of interest are available here.
2. Proposal Submission.
All applicants are required to complete and submit, via email and original signed hardcopy, the JPP project proposal form to NTU RSO office. In turn, NTU (RSO) office will collate and submit all the JPP proposals to DRTech MINDEF.

All applications will be evaluated by both MINDEF and NTU. The joint decision for selection of JPP proposals by MINDEF and NTU is final and no appeal by applicants will be entertained. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please do not use previous years' proposal templates.
JPP Proposal Proposal application form
JPP Report template For Final Reporting
Schedule: 02-2013 JPP Call
Call for proposal 19 Jul 2013
Submission of JPP proposal by applicant 16 Aug 2013
Evaluation of JPP Proposals Sept to Oct 2013
Applicants informed of outcome Nov 2013
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