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Administrative Team

clgan GAN Chee Lip (Professor)
Director / Principal Investigator
Office: N4.1-02-22/RTP-BX 09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 6821/5909
Website: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/clgan
Email: CLGAN@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Gan received his B.Eng (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore in 1999, and Ph.D in Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems under the Singapore-MIT Alliance Program (SMA) in 2003. He is concurrently an Associate Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). He had previously held the position of Assistant Chair of Alumni (2006-08) and Head of Materials Science Division (2010-12) in MSE. He was also a Visiting Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2008-10) and a SMA Fellow (2006-2010). He is currently also a Renaissance Engineering Programme Fellow, and Faculty Associate at the Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR since 2007.

His current research interests include the reliability study of advanced interconnect systems such as electromigration and low-k dielectrics failure mechanisms, process integration and reliability of 3D interconnects and through silicon vias, packaging materials and reliability for ruggedized electronics, and advanced failure analysis techniques. He is also a past General Chair of International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA) 2010, Technical Chair of IPFA 2008, and currently an executive member of IEEE Singapore Reliability/ED/CPMT joint chapter and IPFA Board member. He has also served on the technical committees of IRPS, ESREF and IITC.

YEO Siew Yam
Deputy Director
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 6602
Email: ysiewyam@ntu.edu.sg

Yeo Siew Yam received his B. Eng (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore in 1989, MSEE from Naval Postgraduate School (USA) under a MINDEF (DTTA) Scholarship in 1998 and MBA (University of Melbourne) in 2008.

Prior to joining TL@NTU, Siew Yam was Assistant Director (Radar and Sensors) in FSTD (2015-2016), Programme Director in the Sensors Division, DSO (1999-2015) and Assistant Director (Sensors) in the Directorate of Research and Development (DRD) (1998-1999). He was a visiting researcher at NPS in 2004. He was awarded the DTTP (team prize) in 1992 and 2004. 

Since July 2016, Siew Yam was seconded to TL@NTU and was appointed as the Deputy Director.

Samuel LEE Kim Choong
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 6599
Email: kc.LEE@ntu.edu.sg

Project Agreements, Project Fund Virements, Project Reviews & Payments, Project Closure.

Assistant Manager
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone: (+65) 6790 5910
Email: ENanan@ntu.edu.sg

Safety, Facilities and Safety, Facilities and Safety, Facilities and Safety, Facilities and Asset Management

CHEW Kiat Yin Eileen
Assistant Manager cum Personal Assistant
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 5909
Email: chccky@ntu.edu.sg

PA Support to Director-TL, Business Travel System ( Applications & Claims), Visiting Scientists

Senior Executive
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone: (+65) 6790 6601
Email: AlvinL@ntu.edu.sg 

IT Matters, Asset Management, Building and Facillities Management.

LEW Bee Kuan
Executive Officer
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 910



Student Attachment, Student Claims, Asset Audit, Staff Onboarding, General Office Administration

NG Chye Hoon Sherry
Senior Executive
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 5910
Email: chyehoon@ntu.edu.sg

Procurement, Asset Capitalisation, General Office Administration

Kaylene Koh
Executive Officer
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 5910
Email: kaylenekoh@ntu.edu.sg

Accounts Payable, Events Coordination, General Office Administration

Tricia Tan
Executive Officer
Office: RTP/BX-09
Phone:  (+65) 6790 6601
Email: tricia.tanjm@ntu.edu.sg

Staff recruitment, Adjunct and seconded staff onboarding, External consultancy and Project payments