Centre of Communication and Signal Processing


Dr Sirajudeen Gulam Razul
Programme Director (Centre of Communication and Signal Processing) Principal Research Scientist Email: esirajudeen@ntu.edu.sg Phone: +65 67906598

The mission of the Center for Communication and Signal Processing (CCSP) is to develop advanced communications and signal processing capabilities for the Singapore defense community. CCSP pools together the core areas in this domain to deliver end-to-end prototype solutions to meet the demanding challenges of next generation communications for defense applications. Our center is organized into four core teams namely,​​

Sensor Array

Lead Investigator​
Sirajudeen Gulam Razul
  • ​Robust RF array processing
  • Robust RF geolocation and tracking methods
  • Advanced front-end signal processing
  • Automated RF signal characterization
  • Machine learning for signal processing
Signal Processing Systems

Lead Investigator
Lee Jun Wei
  • ​Robust, interference-resistant high-dynamic range receiver design
  • Real-time DSP design, implementation and optimization
  • Real-time FPGA signal processing and prototyping
  • ADC and DAC system enhancement and optimization
  • Practical filter and filter banks design and architecture
Urban Sensing

Lead Investigator
  • ​Through-the-wall radar sensor integration and signal processing
  • Active/ passive moving target detection and localization
  • Micro-Doppler extraction and recognition for drone and human
  • RF illuminator localization
  • Object tracking techniques
Signal Research

Lead Investigator
Guan Yong Liang
  • ​Advance receiver techniques for wireless communication
  • Blind signal detection, parameter identification and signal separation
  • Advance FEC coding and decoding techniques
  • Multi-antenna communication techniques