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Temperature characterization, robust testing and performance measurement of our real-time
FPGA processing ADC system.

The team aim to provide advanced expertise in the area of digital signal processing with particular focus towards end-to-end research, development, integration and prototyping. The team specialize in bringing digital signal processing concepts to practical realizations in resource-constrained systems. Our scope ranges from:

  1. real-time field-programmable gate array (FPGA) signal pro​cessing,
  2. developing signal processing systems for performance characterization and measurements,
  3. architecture and implementation-specific optimization for improved footprint, power consumption and processing speed,
  4. analog to digital conversion (ADC) and digital to analog conversion (DAC) systems,
  5. research in general and specialized digital signal processing.
Developing a custom end-to-end hardware and software real-time FPGA DSP solution: from algorithmic design to hardware prototyping to in-chip optimizations for high-speed, high-efficiency and low footprint.
Fast turn-around prototyping of advanced real-time algorithms using
National Instruments FPGA systems.

Recent highlights include:

  1. Robust, interference-resistant high-dynamic range receiver design that is capable of signal reception in the presence of very high-powered interference signals.
  2. Real-time very-high-speed filter, filter bank, adaptive filter, sampling-rate converter design and implementation in Xilinx FPGA.
  3. Real-time processing of compressed very-large bandwidth data in a sub-Nyquist photonic receiver, using National Instruments FPGA systems.
  4. ADC and DAC system enhancements using time-interleaving, non-linearity and spurious frequency compensation.
Performance measurement and validation of in-house developed communications signal processing systems, using test chambers and real-world environments.


Dr Lee Jun Wei
Programme Manager (Signal Processing System) Senior Research Scientist Email: jwlee@ntu.edu.sg Phone: +65 63162990