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Urban Sensing

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Through-the-wall human sensing.

As our terrain becomes increasingly built-up, it is important for urban operations such as in law enforcement to be able to quickly traverse an urban corridor, determine the internal structures behi​nd walls and sense human activity inside the buildings. This research programme aims to study:

  1. Advanced techniques for urban sensing, particularly in detecting, enumerating and localizing humans inside the building, classifying their activity and inferring their intentions.
  2. Advanced techniques for sensor self-localization in urban canyons and indoor environments.

To achieve this goal, the team will exploit the abundant signals-of-opportunity (SoOP) such as WiFi, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and available personal communication devices as well as optimized waveforms generated in the Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) frequency bands by sensors to develop advanced techniques of combining both active and passive electromagnetic sensors under the concept of network-centric operations.​​