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Cryptography Research

The cryptography research team explores a range of topics such as symmetric-key cryptography, with a special focus on hash functions, block ciphers and cryptanalysis. The team also researches in lightweight cryptography, aimed for very constrained environments, and designing ne​w primitives. Recently, the team started to explore how machine learning can potentially be a help for the cryptanalysts.

Prof Thomas is the co-designer GIFT and SKINNY, currently some of the smallest known symmetric-key cryptography primitives. He also co-designed the Deoxys-II algorithm for authenticated encryption, which was selected in 2019 as winner for the CAESAR competition for authenticated encryption primitives: https://competitions.cr.yp.to/caesar-submissions.html

He is also part of the team that computed the very first collision for the secure hash algorithm (SHA-1) compression function: https://sites.google.com/site/itstheshappening/


Assoc Prof Thomas Peyrin
Principal Investigator (Cryptography Research) Associate Professor, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Email: thomas.peyrin@ntu.edu.sg Phone: +65 65132027