Centre of Hardware Assurance


Prof Gan Chee Lip
Programme Director (Centre of Hardware Assurance) Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering Email: clgan@ntu.edu.sg Phone: +65 67906821

The vision of Centre of Hardware Assurance (CHA) is to be the National Centre of Excellence for Hardware Assurance.

The mission of CHA is to provide analysis capability from non-invasive to invasive techniques in vulnerability assessment, forensics and certification of hardware devices and components. CHA comprises three main research groups, the Hardware Analysis team (HA), Circuit Analysis (CA) team and Physical Analysis & Cryptographic Engineering (PACE) team. The HA team focuses on developing new techniques using state-of-the-art failure analysis tools for package and chip access, imaging and security assessment. The CA team researches on the design and development of advanced algorithms and tools for automatic and efficient analysis of VLSI digital integrated circuits, utilizing deep learning techniques for better adaptability and productivity. PACE team aims to advance side-channel and fault analysis techniques for hardware security analysis.

CHA collaborates with various international partners from the academia and industry, as well as local partners from the DSO National Lab, Cybersecurity Agency (CSA) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).​​​​​​​​​​​​