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A general overview of security evaluation equipment at PACE

Physical Analysis & Cryptography Engineering (PACE) team was established to lay foundations of research on hardware security. Over the years, PACE has emerged as a leading laboratory conducting cutting-edge research by developing strong capabilities in non-invasive to semi-invasive security evaluation methods. The focus is on all aspects of cryptographic engineering, and in particular on side-channel and fault analysis. The developed equipment facility and collaboration with leading research groups worldwide allows PACE team to constantly improve its knowledge and capabilities. ​​​

Laser fault injection on 65 nm FPGA for reverse engineering

​​Research at PACE has made significant impact on the cryptographic engineering community worldwide. Some of the works are highlighted in the following:

  1. ​​Members of the group have contributed to global security standards: International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/ International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 15408-1:2009 and ISO/ IEC 29192-2:2012.
  2. Demonstrated the first ever practical combined side-channel and differential fault attack on block ciphers
  3. Revealed a significant vulnerability in android phones allowing PIN recovery with 99% accuracy, featured in worldwide media.
  4. Demonstrated first ever practical fault attack on Deep Neural Networks.
A side-channel based key recovery attack on NIST standard AES-128
​Practical demonstration of fault attacks on Deep neural networks targeting activation functions (actual in blue vs faulty in red)
A fully automated design of fault attack protection for modern integrated systems


Dr Bhasin Shivam
Programme Manager (Physical Analysis & Cryptography Engineering) Senior Research Scientist Email: sbhasin@ntu.edu.sg Phone: +65 65923070