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The TL@NTU Laser Research team aims to lead the frontier research in laser technology. Our research works mainly focus on the design and development of high power fiber laser systems operating at the near and mid infrared (IR) regimes. To further support the goal, the team expand our capabilities to the design and fabrication of the fiber optic components for high power operations, such fiber beam combiner, cladding mode stripper, etc. Furthermore, the team also look into the customized specialty fiber fabrication for the development of the fiber lasers. The research works are supported by the advance thermal management techniques by the thermal management team.

High power fiber laser system

The team have successfully delivered kW Ytterbium doped fiber laser with excellent beam quality, good slope efficiency operating at around 1µm of wavelength. In addition, the team have also developed a near diffraction limited Thulium doped fiber laser operating at around 2µm with output power of >100W and slope efficiency of >50%. Besides, the team have also demonstrated the benchtop miniature preforms and specialty fibers fabrication system which simplifies the fiber fabrication processes.


Dr Lai Wenn Jing
Programme Manager (Laser) Senior Research Scientist Email: Phone: +65 65927791