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Our R&D focus is on specific mobile phone platforms to determine what vulnerabilities they may contain, and what threats they may pose to phone users.

Mobile phones are an important part of our daily lives. Besides the default mobile applications, users would usually install many 3rd party applications. There are chances that some applications may be malicious, have unknown backdoors in them or have unpatched security weaknesses in the applications.

The team have conducted R&D on effective techniques to find weak code in mobile applications and operating systems, and on ways to enhance software quality for mobile applications; and analysis of weak or malicious components in mobile phone platforms and recommendations for mitigation.

Our current focus is on Apple’s iOS – which is used on the iPhone and other Apple devices – but work may be expanded to other mobile platforms.

Outline of a Possible Type of Cyber-attack on an Apple iPhone


Dr Chia Tee Kiah
Principal Investigator (Mobile Security) Senior Research Scientist Email: Phone: +65 67906603, +65 90568692