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Two Stage Light Gas Launcher

The protective materials team focuses on the development of advanced protection technology, through the use of novel materials, dynamic material characterization, hydrocode simulation and modelling, understanding of defeat mechanisms and ballistic testing.

As a joint collaboration by School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE, NTU) and TL@NTU, the Ma Jan High Speed Dynamics Laboratory (MJHSDL) was established and opened in July 2012 to facilitate armour research.

The MJHSDL lab is equipped with facilities for ballistic testing and dynamic material characterization, such as the Two-stage Gas Launcher and the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar. It has simulation capability for protective materials subject to ballistic threats. It is also closely linked to material synthesis research for light and effective protective materials.

Facilities for Armour Materials Development

The research team has established experimental capability to launch various types of projectiles at high impact velocity. The team is capable of developing metal/ polymer bilayer covers which significantly enhanced the ballistic performance of ceramic modules, performing studies on metallic module’s ballistic performance and defeat mechanisms e.g. dwell and interface defeat, through ballistic experiment and hydrocode simulation. The team has expertise to develop high performance Spinel transparent armour module and has produced shape memory ceramic particles which demonstrate superelastic properties with energy dissipation up to 50MJ/m3.​​​​​

Ballistic Test Setup
Hydrocode Simulation of Ballistic Impact


Dr Yuan Jianming
Research Director (Protective Material) Principal Research Scientist Email: Phone: +65 65922606